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6 features improve metal cnc cutting machine efficiency

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Fiber laser cutting equipment has been widely used after years of development, gradually replacing the traditional cutting processing ways. With the increase in factory orders, the workload to be completed gradually increased, to improve the efficiency of metal cnc cutting machine has become a top priority.

metal cnc laser cutter function

As an example, the early laser cutting process is divided into three actions: up, pan, down. This cutting process action route is long, action nodes, which restricts the cutting efficiency of the laser cutting machine, while today’s fiber laser cutting machine has changed this way. 

After continuous technical innovation, now in the cutting process, there are six practical features greatly improve the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine processing and cutting performance. Below, we will take a closer look at these six practical features.

1. Metal cnc cutting machine frog jumping function

Frog jumping is an important technical innovation in laser cutting machines, this technical action is a breakthrough in the development of fibre laser cutting machines. metal cnc cutting machine frog jumping function of this action omits the rise, fall time, the laser cutting head to move faster and more efficient. This feature has become the standard for modern laser cutting machines.

2. Automatic focus function

Metal cnc cutting machine cutting different materials, requiring the focus of the laser beam falls on the workpiece cross-section of different locations. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the position of the focal point. Early laser cutting machine, generally using manual focus mode, while today’s many metal cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers have achieved automatic focus.

Metal cnc cutting machine automatic focus method is: before the beam enters the focus mirror, install a variable curvature reflector (or adjustable mirror), by changing the curvature of the reflector, change the angle of divergence of the reflected beam, thereby changing the laser cutting machine focal position, to achieve automatic focus.

3. Automatic edge-seeking function

The automatic edge finding function of metal cnc cutting machine can sense the tilt angle and origin of the metal sheet, and adjust the cutting processing program to fit the angle and position of the sheet so as to avoid waste. With the automatic edge finding function, metal cnc cutting machine saves the time of adjusting the workpiece earlier – it is not an easy task to move workpieces weighing hundreds of kilograms on the cutting table, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the machine.

4.Concentrated piercing

Concentrated piercing, also called pre-piercing, is a process that is not a function of the machine itself and requires the help of the metal cnc cutting machine’s automatic programming system for its use.

When cutting thicker metal sheets with a laser, each profile is cut in two stages: 1. perforation and 2. cutting.

The metal laser cutter conventional process (point A piercing → cutting contour 1 → point B piercing → cutting contour 2 → ……) is called centralized piercing, which means that all piercing processes on the whole metal sheet are performed centrally in advance, and then the laser cutting process is performed back.

Metal cnc cutting machine centralized piercing function improves processing efficiency. By adopting the centralized piercing method, the metal laser cutter focal point can be adjusted to the position suitable for piercing first, and when the piercing is completed, the metal cnc cutting machine can be paused and the focal point position can be adjusted to the best position required for cutting; in this way, the piercing time can be shortened by more than half, greatly improving efficiency.

Also can adjust or change other process parameters in the middle of concentrated piercing and cutting (for example, you can use air + continuous wave for piercing, and oxygen for cutting, with enough time to complete the gas switch in between).

5. Bridge position (micro connection) process

When metal cnc laser cutting process is performed, the sheet is held by a serrated support bar. The cut part, if large enough, cannot fall through the gap of the metal cnc cutting machine support bar; if the parts cut by metal cnc laser cutter too small, it cannot be held by the support bar, which may lose balance and make the part or sheet warp. And the cnc metal laser cutting head moving at high speed may collide with it, which may stop the machine at light speed and damage the metal cnc laser cutting head at heavy speed.

By using the bridge (micro connection) bit metal cnc cutting machine cutting process, this phenomenon can be avoided. In the cnc laser cutting programming of graphics, the intentional closure of the contour of a number of breaks, so that after the metal cnc laser cutter completion of the cut parts and the surrounding material adhered together, not to fall off, these breaks, is the bridge position, also known as the break point or micro connection. The metal laser cutter break distance, about 0.2 to 1 mm, is inversely proportional to the thickness of the metal sheet. Based on different perspectives, there are these different names: based on the fact that the contour is disconnected, so it is called a break point; based on the fact that the part, adheres to the parent material, so it is called a bridge position or micro connection.

Bridge bits connect the part to the surrounding material, and sophisticated programming software in cnc metal laser cutter that can automatically add the right number of bridge bits based on the length of the contour.CNC metal laser cutter can also distinguish the inner and outer contours and decide whether to add bridge bits, so that the inner contours (scrap) without bridge bits fall off, while the outer contours (parts) in the cnc metal laser cutter with bridge bits are adhered to the base material, thus eliminating the work of sorting.

metal cnc cutting machine features

6. Common edge cutting function

If the contours of adjacent parts are straight and at the same angle in the metal cnc laser cutting machine, they can be combined into a straight line and cut only once. This is the common edge cutting. Obviously, the common edge cutting reduces the cutting length, plus the common edge cutting does not require the shape of the part is rectangular, therefore, the processing efficiency is improved very obviously.

The above six features and processes greatly improve the productivity of metal cnc cutting machine has become the standard for mainstream laser cutting machines.

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