Titanium Cutting

Titanium can be cut with a laser cutter, and unlike other methods, the results will be clean and fast. High reflectivity and absorption of the laser energy can lead to heat buildup and, perhaps, melting or distortion of the material while laser cutting titanium. High-power lasers and the right cutting parameters, including laser power, cutting speed, …

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Features Of A Metal Laser Cutter (Fiber Laser Cutter)

Engineers and machinery manufacturers prefer Fiber laser cutting technology over other thermal cutting methods. The reason is simple, the kind of flexibility, precision, and accuracy, laser cutting technology offers is tremendous.   Fiber lasers are intense lasers widely used in the metal cutting sector. According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the worldwide fiber laser industry …

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Fiber laser cnc

Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of cnc machine. It’s also called cnc laser cutting machine, fiber laser cnc cutting machine, etc. It uses the latest technology to improve production efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality. The application process covers metal materials with thickness less than 20mm. This kind of fiber laser cutting machine can …

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