How Much Does a Metal Laser Cutter Cost?

How Much Does a Metal Laser Cutter Cost?

Gone are the days when metal cutting was considered a challenging task. Various fantastic laser cutters are available, making this job easy to do. Don’t know what a metal laser cutter is and how much it costs? Then continue reading!

A metal laser cutter is a more efficient and quick way to cut metal, which has become trendy and accessible over time. Metal laser-cutting machines also have become much safer and easier to use.

It’s not only a requirement for professionals but also for small home-based business owners. The popularity of metal laser cutters is no dupe, so let’s quickly jump into the details!

What is Metal Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a high-precision thermal process that uses a powerful laser beam to burn a web of material, cut, or melt it. It uses an immersed beam of rays to cut and carve sheet metal material to form specifications.

In this process, a high-density beam of light is produced by stimulating the laser material with an electrical discharge in an enclosed container. The generated laser beam is focused by optics onto the workpiece, where it melts, vaporises, or burns the material. CNC technology is used to control how the laser beam moves across the target.

What to Look for When Buying a Metal Laser Cutter

Before buying any gadgets, the first question is” how much is the price?”. Well, the price of a metal laser cutting machine depends on various things. Starting from what do you need it for?

You may think that one metal laser cutter can slice every metal. However, that’s not the case. Every metal needs different energy to form a clean and quick outcome.

For example, the energy needed to cut paper is much less than a 20-mm thick metal sheet. Likewise, if you try to cut a piece with the same energy as a thick sheet, it’ll eventually burn.

To clarify, a laser with 40-W power can cut through paper, thin plastic, cardboard, and foam; on the other hand, a laser with 300-W can cut through thin steel and thicker plastic. If you want to slice a 2-mm thicker steel sheet, you need the least 500-W.

Using fiber-splicing systems mainly processed most sheet steel slicing applications–particularly below 5mm.

Apart from focusing on the thickness of a sheet, you also need to focus on the type of metal you are using. Now that you know how powerful a metal laser cutter you need. The next question is,” how much space do you have?”. This question is as important as the previous one.

Metal laser-cutting machines are available in different sizes out there. But you should choose while keeping the space in mind. You would probably have nice storage if you worked at the industrial level with a gigantic business.

However, if you are a small/home-based business owner, buying a huge laser cutter will be a problem. It can also be dangerous.

Average Price of a Metal Laser Cutter Machine

Different brands have different prices depending upon the power and size of the metal laser cutter. The average price of a cutter ranges from $100 to a few thousand dollars, depending on how powerful it is.

Also, a metal cutting laser has to use at least 300 W, which can go up to at least $10,000. Meta; cutting machines need gas — usually oxygen–as an addition to the price.

Price can increase or decrease according to brands and additional features or stuff. The maximum highest price is up to $250,000.

Using a Service vs. Owning a Laser Cutter

Owning a CNC machine is cool but can also be costly for the average hobbyist. You can buy a cheap one, less than 100-W. But that will scratch rather than cut the metal.

However, the bigger the metal laser-cutting machine is, the more space it will cover. The more powerful the laser cutter is the more rise in electric bills. This can be a problem for dabblers, so the best alternative is to use a service.

Someone who owns a laser-cutting machine provides a laser-cutting service. These companies laser-cut items according to the customer’s needs and requirements. It is the best option for those who have a rush or don’t find it reasonable to purchase a machine at the moment.

Nowadays, as the benefits of laser cutting are becoming more transparent, the demand for laser cutting is skyrocketing.

Many laser cutter owners offer paid laser cutting services to others. Some examples are metal laser cutting services, acrylic laser cutting services, wood laser cutting services, etc. However, not all services are reliable. The processing quality varies, and some service suppliers may charge you hidden fees.

To save money and time, work with a business that specialises in metal laser cutting. In the end, there is a lot more to take into account besides just the price of the machine itself.

It’ll save your time, effort, and bills and allow you to focus on other things more. And once you think it’s the right to make a purchase, you can bid on it.

Some Best Selling Laser cutters In the Market


Smart Laser Cutters


Semi-Industrial Machines


Industrial Laser Cutters
Target Audience: educators, independent designers or SMEs Target Audience:

Average manufacturing industry

Target Audience:

electronic, automotive, medical, metalworking, woodworking, printing, packaging, HVAC and other specialty industries

1. Makeblock/xTool Laserbox Pro



2. Glowforge




1. OMTech – 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine


2. Trotec and its Speedy range



1. Full Spectrum Lasers – 4’x8′ Flatbed CO2 Laser


2. Trotec SP




It’s essential to go through the cons and pros before buying anything; the same is the case for metal laser-cutting machines. If you think that service companies can work for you, then it’s better to wait to invest at the moment.

On the other hand, if you consider buying a metal laser cutter more valuable, remember to look for the best fit. At the end of the day, you want to invest in something that will be a good fit for your work, easy to use, safe, and less expensive.




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