how much is a laser cutter for metal

There are different ways to cut metal, but for thick and heavy metal sheet, it’s fiber metal laser cutter that is popular in metal industry.How much is a laser cutter for metal? Here we will introduce some metal model with their price.

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How much is a laser cutter for metal

The price of laser cutter for metal depends on what you are looking for from the machine, such as the precision, speed, and features. With the requirement of the laser cutter for metal, the supplier will choose the best power, parameter machine to match the requirement.

How much is a laser cutter for metal? In general, metal laser cutter power based from 1000w, and he higher the wattage, the higher the machine price. An entry-level(1000W-2000W) laser cutter for metal costs about 14000-40000USD. The price of a large laser cutter(3000W-6000W) for metal will be approximately $28000- $68000. High power laser cutter costs around $80000-$125000.

How much is a laser cutter for metal? Multiple factors influence the price of a laser cutter,as an example, the type of laser, size of the machine,specification, and so on.Below is the detail each model laser cutter for metal with their price.

1000w laser cutter

1000w laser cutter for metal cost : 1000w:$14000$-$30000

1000w laser cutter for metal cost : 1000w:$14000$-$30000 Cutting thickness ability: Carbon steel thickness: 1-10mm Stainless steel thickness: 1-3mm Brass sheet thickness: 1-3mm

1500w laser cutter

1500w laser cutter for metal cost:$17000-$35000

Carbon steel thickness: 1-16mm Stainless steel thickness: 1-6mm Aluminum sheet: 1-4mm Brass sheet thickness: 1-3mm

2000w fiber laser cutting machine

2000w laser cutter for metal cost:$23500-$40000

Carbon steel thickness: 1-20mm Stainless steel thickness: 1-8mm Aluminum sheet: 1-6mm Brass sheet thickness: 1-4mm

3000w fiber laser cutter

3000w laser cutter for metal cost:$28000-$55000

3000W can cut 1-25mm carbon steel 3000W can cut 1-12mm stainless steel 3000W can cut 1-8mm aluminum

4000w laser cutting machine

4000w laser cutter for metal cost:$38000-$68000

Carbon steel thickness: 1-25mm Stainless steel thickness: 1-16mm Aluminum sheet: 1-14mm Brass sheet thickness: 1-8mm

6000w laser cutting machine

6000w laser cutter for metal cost:$45000-$78000

Carbon steel thickness: 1-25mm Stainless steel thickness: 1-25mm Aluminum sheet: 1-20mm Brass sheet thickness: 1-20mm

8000w fiber laser cutter

8000w laser cutter for metal cost:$80000-$100000

Carbon steel thickness: 1-30mm Stainless steel thickness: 1-25mm Aluminum sheet: 1-25mm Brass sheet thickness: 1-20mm

How much does it cost to operate a laser cutter for metal?

For a laser cutter for metal, the cost can range from $1.50 to $4 per square inch. This depends on the wattage of the machine and also on what material it is cutting.

Advantages of a Laser Metal Cutter

A laser cutter is an excellent choice for cutting metal. It’s fast, accurate and versatile. With a laser cutter you can make very fine details and achieve small dimensions such as 0.25 mm in thickness or diameter.

The process is easy to learn, with no need for special equipment or skillsets beyond basic computer operation skills. Using a computer program you can design your project on the screen by choosing from various shapes and sizes that fit together like Lego pieces; then when you’re done designing, press “print” and voila! The machine will do all the rest.”

So how much does a laser cutter for metal cost? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re simply cutting out simple designs like the ones we’ve been using here, a basic $10,000 machine will do the trick. But if you want to cut something more complex or need intricate detail work in your projects that depend on high-powered lasers, expect to pay closer to $25,000-$30,000.

The more powerful and expensive machines tend to have some features that aren’t available on cheaper models as well:

  • They can cut thicker materials (up to 1 inch thick)
  • They have larger working areas (usually 20″ x 20″)
  • They have longer operating times between refills of consumables such as gas and water

So, if you’re looking for a new metal laser cutter then it’s important to keep in mind how much these machines cost. We have seen prices for them range anywhere from 1000w-8000w  with different price from $14,000 – $100,000 so as always when buying large items like this make sure you do your research first before making any final decisions!

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