laser cut brass

What machine can cut brass?

Cutting brass is usually a difficult task. However, by using the right cutting machine, you can make it much easier and faster. A fiber laser cutting machine is the way to go. Fiber lasers are more efficient than other cutting machines, and they can cut a variety of materials,suitable to process brass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and many other metals. They’re also more precise than other cutting machines, which means that your cuts will be clean and accurate.

3000w fiber laser cutter

TPF-3015H laser cutting brass machine

Laser cut brass Sheet -3015H Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting is becoming the leading process for the cutting of metals, including brass and copper. The reason for that is because fiber lasers provide high throughput, high quality, precision, and accuracy of the cuts, flexibility in part design, as well as maintenance-free, stable production process.

WHY using laser for brass cutting?

Using a standard Co2 laser for cutting copper and brass can be difficult. These materials have high thermal conductivity, reflective properties, and high hardness which can cause the co2 laser to overheat or leave burn marks. Because of these factors we have had many clients that needed to purchase new lasers just to be able to cut their copper and brass components.Therefore, fiber laser cutting is the most suitable way to process brass sheets and brass pipes. Fiber optic lasers are able to cut through these materials with ease as they don’t spread heat outwards like traditional lasers, allowing them to cut thick materials safely. Besides this, fiber laser cutter can handle multiple metal materials including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, etc

How Brass Laser Cutting Works

Brass laser cutting is a very precise method of cutting brass and metals. laser cutting works by directing a laser beam on the material placed under its source. When the beam hits the material, it is forced to change its state of matter allowing the material to melt and burn away until only one layer is left. A computer sends instructions to a head that feeds the material over machine tracks, controlling speed and direction while marking out holes in the item being processed. This process allows operators to cut very intricate details out of larger pieces of material – even if they aren’t located in a line or grid pattern.The process produces perfect edges with no burrs or jagged bits of metal remaining that might cause other problems in subsequent machining processes.

3000w VS 6000w brass sheet cutting

Industries That Use Brass Laser Cutting

The brass laser cutting process can be used for thousands of applications across a variety of commercial and industrial industries. From jewelry creation, furniture making, bicycle manufacturing and computing to architecture, sign-making and medical device creation, there are an endless list of uses for this technology. Unfortunately, only select shops offer brass laser cutting due to the specialized nature of this work.

Brass laser cutting gives a high quality finish using low-cost materials, suited to a wide range of industrial applications. It is ideal for specialist engineering and general fabrication, as well as signage and name plates, and ideal for architectural work or making decorative panels. Brass laser cutting also uses lasers to engrave metalworking and art installations made in brass.

laser cut brass sheet thickness

1000w brass laser cutting machine, laser cut copper thickness is 3mm

1500w laser cutter brass, laser cut copper sheet max is 3mm.

2000w copper laser cutting machine max laser cut copper sheet is 5mm.

3000w laser cutting machine for brass sheet max cutting ability thickness is 6mm

4000w brass fiber laser cutting machine max cutting copper sheet thickness is 8mm.

6000w laser cut brass sheet max cutting with 16mm.

8000w laser cutter brass work ability is laser cut copper max 16mm