1500w fiber laser cutting machine - fiber laser cutting machine 1530

1500w laser cutter

1500w metal sheet laser cutting machine


1500w metal sheet laser cutting machine will be widely used in steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other non-ferrous metal material processing, especially suitable for cutting of medium-sized plates and sheets,such as cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel, silicon steel, spring steel, titanium sheet, galvanized sheet, iron sheet, inox sheet, aluminum, copper, brass and other metal sheet, metal plate, metal pipe and tube, etc.

1500w fiber laser cutting machine

1500w fiber laser cutting head

Fiber Laser cutting head consists of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focus tracking system.

1.5KW Laser cutting machine source

It is the core component of this 1530 fiber laser cutting machine. Compared with other types of lasers, the feature is below:

  • Higher efficiency
  • longer service life
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower cost.

Fiber laser cutting machine 1530 body:

Working Area:3000*1500MM

1500w fiber laser cutting machine

1500w laser cutter gas supply system:

 The gas supply system of 1500w fiber laser cutter  mainly includes air source, filter device and pipeline . Among them, there are two kinds of gas sources: bottled gas and compressed air.

1500w fiber laser cutting machine control system

Control system control system: mainly controls the machine tool, realizes the movement of X, Y, Z axes, and also controls the output power of the laser.

1500W1530 fiber laser cutting machine Features

1500W metal sheet cutting machine has the advantages of high efficiency, good cutting effect, easy operation and so on.

It uses imported servo motor, which drives the entire worktable to move up and down along the guide rail smoothly .

 The 1530 fiber laser cutting machine uses imported frequency conversion stepper motor as driving source , has reliable performance and long lifespan.

 In addition, the 1530 fiber laser cutting machine laser head box with large scale beam power, supports engraving on many kinds of materials such as sheet metal plate, stainless steel plate and others., contract us now >>

1.5 kw fiber laser cutter specification:

ModelTPF-1530 1500w fiber laser cutter
XY Axis Maximum Acceleration1GXY Axis Max. Speed35m/min
Working Area3000*1500mmCooling SystemIndustry Water Chiller
X axis Working Area3000mmY axis Working Area1500mm
Laser Power1500W
XY Axis Transmission SystemTaiwan TBI Ballscrew

What wattage laser will cut metal?

 This 1500 watt fiber laser cutting machine is a great tool for precision and high quality cutting.Solidly built for performance, this 1530 fiber laser cutting machine can cut through almost any material with ease.From signs and awards to small parts and prototypes, a fiber laser cutting machine 1500w provides you with the flexibility you need to get the job done right.

  A range of accessories will help you create perfect, professional-looking pieces every time, whether you’re designing something new or cutting sawing jobs down to size.

What can a 1500W laser cut?

Metal Laser cutting machine with high-quality and affordable price, use latest technology and ergonomic design. Output speed up to 1000mm/min and powerful high-precision servo drive system. Excellent air cooling system guarantees 20 hours stable laser working without extra water cooling or air conditioning. The most professional choice for your daily cutting, burning and engraving needs in your business, industrial or manufacturing facilities.

How thick can a 1500W laser cut?

The maximum thickness of the cutting carbon steel plate is 16mm, and the cutting speed is 0.85m/min. The maximum thickness of the cutting aluminum alloy plate is 3mm, and the cutting speed is 2.5 m/min. This cutting speed is still relatively fast.

Compared with 1000w fiber laser cutting machine, 1500w fiber laser cutter has obvious advantage speed in cutting 1-3mm carbon steel, and for 4-8mm carbon steel,, 1000w laser cutter is equal cutting speed with 1500w laser cutter, but 1500 watt laser cutting machine can cut 12-16mm carbon steel, which is beyond the 1000w laser cutter.

1500w laser cutter cutting speed

1500 watt laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel working speed:

Carbon Steel Thickness(mm)
























1500w laser cutting machine cut stainless steel max can reach 6mm with speed 0.7-0.9m/min, the best usage for 1.5kw fiber laser cutter in ss is cut 3-5mm stainless steel.

Thin metal laser cutting machine work in stainless steel thickness and speed as below:

This 1.5 kw fiber laser cutter use N2 as auxiliary gas.

Stainless Steel Thickness(mm)












Fiber laser cutting machine 1kw work with N2 auxiliary gas.

1500w fiber laser cutter is faster speed in cutting 1-2mm aluminum than 1kw fiber laser cutter

Laser cutter for thin metal aluminum sheet thickness and speed as below:

Aluminum Thickness(mm










Laser cutting thin metal brass sheet thickness and speed: This 1500w laser cutter use the N2 as auxiliary gas.
Brass Thickness(mm 1 2 3
Speed(m/min) 12-15 4.0-5.0 1.5-2.0

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