2000w fiber laser cutting machine - 3d laser metal cutting machine

2000w fiber laser cutting machine

2000w fiber laser cutter


This 3D laser metal cutting machine is a new product which aims to build industry and create jobs through the use of laser technology, a material is transmitted to cut a predetermined shape from the working material by thermal power, optical laser power and so on; print the processing outline pattern in advance on the processing plate for positioning, then make it automatically change position when it is busy cutting.

The unique business opportunity that it presents anyone who benefits from its services, is in the way of boosting demand for local manufacturers and suppliers, as well as supporting high level jobs.

Fiber laser cutting machine 2000w specification

Model TPF-1530 2000w fiber laser cutter
XY Axis Maximum Acceleration 1G XY Axis Max. Speed 35m/min
Working Area 3000*1500mm Cooling System Industry Water Chiller
X axis Working Area 3000mm Y axis Working Area 1500mm
Laser Power raycus fiber laser 2000w
XY Axis Transmission System Taiwan TBI Ballscrew
2000w fiber laser cutter

2kw laser cutter unrestricted by the processing graphics: Professional CNC system, non-contact adaptable processing, not influenced by the look of the processing and also the surface of home plate, the high power cutting laser equipment can process arbitrary graphics.


3d metal cutter technology is widely used in fields such as aerospace, communications, transportation, electronics, machinery manufacturing and other industries. It has become an important equipment for manufacturing products.

The 2000w 3d laser metal cutting machine is a high-end machine for production processing and industrial use. With the advantages of being relatively low power consumption, fast cutting speed and easy operation, 2000w fiber laser cutter is suitable to be applied in industry of woodworking, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and motorcycle plastic decoration, electronic product industry ect. 2kw 3d laser cutting metal easy maintenance make it ideal for small workshops as well as education development.


2000w metal sheet laser cutting machine

2000w metal sheet laser cutting machine High cutting speed: 

2000w fiber laser reducing machine takes on German IPG fiber laser resource (optional other), the cutting rate can reach 15 meters/minute;

fiber laser cutting machine 2000w High reducing accuracy

The2000w fiber laser 3d metal cutting machinereducing maker embraces Japan Fuji (Japan Yaskawa option)servo motor, double ball screw drive, and accuracy direct overview framework. Compared with a single drive system, the accuracy of the 2000w laser cutter reducing system is greater. As well as 0.05 mm cutting space, appropriate for high-efficiency accuracy machining;

fiber laser cutting machine 2000w
2000w laser cutting machine

Low cost maintenance for 3D 2000w fiber laser cutter

The fiber laser cutting machine 2kw steel metal reducing machine takes on fiber optics transmission, no representation lens, no demand to adjust the optical course, no upkeep of core key parts, as well as steady usage; can use air to reduce all kinds of steel sheets, and take in 0.5-0.5 per hour power. 5 levels;

FAQ : 2kw laser cutter

What can a 2000 watt laser cut?

Advanced control system in this 3d 2000 watt laser cutter provides simple operation. The equipment can cut different thickness of materials accurately and precisely without any forming lines or burning defects. The high performance in 3D metal cutting and multi-function makes it a good choice in many 3d laser metal cutting fields such as machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, mould manufacturing and recycling of waste cable…

Applicable materials: The 3d metal laser cutting machine 2000w fiber laser cutter can cut all kinds of metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, various alloy steels, copper, aluminum, titanium, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, pickling plates, galvanized plates, and galvanized aluminum.

How thick 3d metal can a 2000W fiber laser cut?

The maximum cutting thickness of different materials by 2000W fiber laser cutting machine: the maximum thickness of carbon steel is 16mm; the maximum thickness of stainless steel is 8mm; the maximum thickness of aluminum plate is 5mm; the maximum thickness of copper plate is 5mm;

What can a 2kW laser cut?

With the ability to manipulate beam mode, the industry has found that a 2kW fiber laser, when using the proper mode setting, can cut different thick 3d metal  up to 1in. or even higher on a regular basis

How much does a fiber laser cutter cost?

The 2000w fiber laser cutter is designed to meet any challenge 3d laser cutting metal, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications,Fiber lasers usually cost in the range of $23500-$40000

After Sale

 The 2000W fiber laser cutter is a high end product from our company. It is one of the most advanced laser cutter on the market these days, it features high efficiency and better cutting accuracy. Its powerful laser source and smart control system makes it easy for operation and ensures an excellent cutting quality. The professional team will provide you with all technical support during installation and after-sales service.