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6000w laser cutting machine

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This dual use fiber laser cutting machine 6000w laser cutter is suitable for laser cutting sheet materials, such as galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet and so on. And it can also be used to cut various pipes and tubes according to your specific needs. With a stable structure, reliable performance, energy saving and low heating loss characteristics, dual use 6000w fiber laser cutter can effectively improve the processing efficiency and raise the economic benefits for our customers

dual use fiber 6000w laser cutting machine Main Parts

Industrial application

Fiber laser cutting machine 6000w is widely used in advertising industry, visual signage, metal structure, air conditioning parts, ventilation, heating, mechanical parts, utensils, automobiles and motorcycles, elevators, electrical parts, railway, navy and air transportation industries, etc.

6kw cnc fiber laser cutter laser head

The dual use laser cutter 6000w with automatic capacitive height control (90% faster drilling!). Easy to implement auto focus function.


6000w fiber laser cutter bed frame

The 6kw laser cutter bed is made entirely of tubes and sheets over 10mm thick and heat-aged. This makes the laser cutting machine base unaffected by deformation or vibration over its estimated lifetime of more than 20 years. Its tensile strength exceeds 200MPa.

6000w laser cutter

Automatic CAD/CAM programming

This 6000w dual cnc laser cutter automatic nesting software features common cuts, micro-joints, chain cuts and many other functions to maximize material savings. The cutter transmission is directly connected to the control system via WI-FI or USB.

Identify the type of tube

The 6000w fiber laser cutting machine is capable of identifying the pipe profile, measuring or identifying errors in the pipe profile in relation to the cut drawing. The laser cutting nozzle is directly made of capacitors, ensuring a cutting accuracy of 0.15mm.

6000w laser cutter Technical Data

  • technical parameter
  • Model: TPF3015PT
  • Laser: Fiber 1064nm
  • Laser head: Raytools autofocus
  • Autofocus: optional
  • Laser power: 1000w-6000w
  • Height Control: Yes, Capacitive, CNC Integrated, High Sensitivity Auto Calibration
  • Valid usable dimensions X, Y and Z*: 3000mm, 1500mm, 300mm
  • Valid tube sizes: round from 20 to 220 mm, rectangular or square from 20×20 to 140×140 mm. The minimum thickness is 1.2mm, the maximum allowable weight is 16kg/m or the maximum weight per tube is 100Kg. The maximum effective length is 6m. Tube loss is about 250 mm.
  • Tube self-centering: yes, round or square
  • Weight: about 5500KG
  • Overall dimensions: 8,198mm(L) x 4,747(W) x 1,560mm(H), suitable for bench with or without 6000mm tube system changer plate.
  • Positioning accuracy: +-0.03mm/m
  • Repeatability: +-0.02mm
  • Cutting accuracy up to +-0.2mm
  • Maximum speed: 80m/min at the same time
  • Maximum weight of desktop: 600KG
  • Transmission mode: double rack and pinion
  • Working voltage: 380V, 3phase/50Hz

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Features

Laser machine body: This 6000w fiber laser cutter is made of 10mm heat-aged pipes and sheets, can be used for 20 years without deformation

Laser head: Dual use fiber laser cutting machine with automatic capacitive height control (90% faster drilling speed!). Easy to implement auto focus function.

Automatic CAD/CAM programming

Automatic identification of tube type

3D software stereo visualization operation

TPF3015T This 6000w fiber laser cutting machine can be dual used for cutting pipes and plates, and it is multi-purpose and cost-effective. Manufactured for small to medium customers who need to process sheets up to 20mm and tubes up to 200mm.

The 6000w laser cutting machine is equipped with a medium-power laser generator, which is very suitable for cutting various plates and square, round, oval or rectangular tubes, reducing energy consumption and meeting customer requirements for quality and production.



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