Top 3 tube laser cutters -2022 best tube laser cutting machine for sale

CNC tube cutter are designed to handle everything from thick-walled steel tubing to thin walled aluminum, and everything in between. Use it to make short pieces, long runs of tube or tube sheets on a flatbed table or in an automated cutting cell. Our Sheet Supported systems can support almost any size or shape of metal or plastic with very little setup. Here will suggest top 3 tube laser cutter, hope it will be workable if you are looking for the tube laser cutter price.

fiber laser tube cutting machine

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Professional Fiber laser tube cutter

This TPF62T tube laser cutter are the most powerful and versatile tube laser cutting machine on the market. Maximize part productivity and repeatability with this automated laser cutting machine that automatically adjusts the caliper according to the pipe. Self-propelled material gives you more room in your shop, while increasing employee efficiency with less setup time.

This professional tube laser cutting machine parameters:

ModelTPF62T CNC fiber laser tube cutting machine
Laser power1500w
Rotating shaft diameterDepend on your require
Maximum cutting speedx0-30m/min (depending on material and thickness)
Y,Zaxis orientation accuracyx+0.05Imn/m
Y,Zaxis repeat accuracy≤+0.03mm/m
Minimum line width≤0.15mm
Transfer methodY-axis rack and pinion double drive, x-axis ball screw
cooling systemHanli ChillerlS&A
tube and sheet laser cutting machine

Sheet and tube laser cutting machine

This metal laser cutting machine integrates the high precision sheet cutting and the tube cutting in one system and can save time. It can make tubular frames and metal structures that are more accurate and faster to assemble. The finished part can be completed in one program, processing on one machine. Valid usable dimensions X, Y and Z*: 3000mm, 1500mm, 300mm

Valid tube sizes: round from 20 to 220 mm, rectangular or square from 20×20 to 140×140 mm. The minimum thickness is 1.2mm, the maximum allowable weight is 16kg/m or the maximum weight per tube is 100Kg. The maximum effective length is 6m. Tube loss is about 250 mm.

3015PT tube laser cutting machine specification

Tube self-centering

yes, round or square

Cutting accuracy

up to +-0.2mm



Maximum speed:

80m/min at the same time

Overall dimensions

8,198mm(L) x 4,747(W) x 1,560mm(H), suitable for bench with or without 6000mm tube system changer plate.

Positioning accuracy


Maximum weight of desktop

: 600KG




Working voltage

380V, 3phase/50Hz

Exchangable sheet and tube laser cutter

This model tube sheet laser cutter is updated from the top 2 model above. The modern design allows for easy and high speed operation for users. The safety features on this laser cutter ensures a safer experience for its users as well as the product being worked on. There are two models for choose, one is the open model exchangable sheet and tube laser cutting machine, and another is the sheet and tube laser cutter with cover, which will guarantee the operation safe.

The features of top 3 tube laser cutter

Totally Tubular

The Tube laser Cutter is designed to cut and engrave on square, rectangle, hexagonal or round tubes up to 220mm diameter and up to 6000mm long. It can be used for various tube-based applications such as graphic art, model building, games design and specific needs of industry.

Easy End Cuts

Fast and easy to use, the Easy End Cuts can produce complex geometry on the tube ends, including a cope, fish mouth, and tab and slot. Using the laser on tubes is much faster, cleaner, and cheaper than using traditional hand or power tools. The fit-up between tubes comes out perfect every time.

Sheets Supported

The Tube Cutting System is designed to maximize the efficiency of your tubing cutting operation. It cuts a wide variety of tube profiles in one pass, includes all features of the Sheet for 2D cutting, as well as the marking and engraving features that are standard on all systems

Side Cuts Too

Side cuts are very easy to make and do not require the operator to be at the end of the tube nor do they require that the tube be rotated. Internal features such as holes, slots and other complex shapes can be cut during this operation.