metal pipe cutting laser machine

tube and sheet laser cutting machine

The multi-use pipe and sheet laser cutting machine is designed for high speed cutting of various metal materials by adding a type of exchangeable plate and tube cutting part with high efficient. The changing plate makes it possible to improve the cutting sheets efficient in short time. The high power and stable performance can be used in many places.

Metal Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Parameter

Laser type: 1064nm fiber
Laser brand: MAX
Laser head: Raytools
Autofocus: support
Laser power: up to 4000W. Higher power models are available.
Maximum cutting thickness: 25mm
Available sizes X, Y and Z*: 1500mm, 3000mm, 200mm
Positioning accuracy: +-0.03mm/m
Repeat accuracy: +-0.02mm
Cutting accuracy: +-0.2mm
Maximum speed: 120m/min
Maximum acceleration: 1.5G
Motorization: Yaskawa Servo 1.3KW Y, 750W X and 400W Z
Automatic table changeover: Integrated 16-second changeover feeder
Maximum work area weight: 900KG
Transmission mode: double rack
Working voltage: 380V/50Hz

metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine

This metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine, it can help optimize the material use, improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce production costs. If you are looking for a thin metal laser cutter price, we will recommend this fiber laser cutting machine 1000w price as a best laser cutter for thin metal, contract us now >>

Fiber laser cutting machine exchange worktable is mainly to save the time of loading. While one steel plate is being cut, another steel plate is manually put into the spare worktable. After the previous steel plate is cut, the second sheet  enters the worktable to start cutting, which not only saves time, but also increases work efficiency. It uses several drive motors to control the instructions in turn and exchange them in turn. The purpose is to shorten the loading and unloading time after the sheet metal processing is completed. Increase productivity. At present, the general large-scale and high-power fiber laser cutting equipment on the market is equipped with an exchange table, which saves time and increases the processing efficiency per unit time.

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